Great White Shark

Sharks have a new enemy: Magnets

Neglect the previous ‘shooting the scuba tank’ trick. The future time you have to have to ward off a shark, try out carrying a large magnet.

Scientists at Australia’s College of Newcastle have uncovered that attaching magnets to industrial fish traps can productively ward off sharks and rays, indicating less sharks are caught as bycatch.

The examine, published in Fisheries Research, uncovered that operate-of-the-mill magnets could minimize bycatch fees by 30 p.c, and direct to a corresponding raise in fish staying caught by industrial fish traps.

In accordance to the examine, sharks and rays have exclusive sensing pores all-around their nose that assist them track down prey and which are significantly delicate to magnetic and electric powered fields. By kitting out a fish lure with $two magnets — at a complete expense of around AU$30 (all-around $20) for each lure — the scientists say fisheries can use the sharks’ possess biology to assist help save them.

Great White Shark

The Planet Wildlife Fund estimates above 300,000 tiny whales, dolphins and porpoises die every single 12 months following obtaining tangled in fishing nets, but College of Newcastle lead researcher Dr. Vincent Raoult states magnets could be a very simple way to minimize the dilemma.

‘While a lot of of the elasmobranchs [the subclass of fish that includes sharks and rays] unintentionally caught are introduced back again into the ocean, the pressure from staying out of the h2o and dealt with are probable to have repercussions that will past for a time period of time following they are introduced,’ he explained.

‘Using magnets not only cuts down incidences of elasmobranch bycatch, but also raises profitability for fishermen as they commit considerably less time unintentionally catching sharks and rays, and additional time catching the fish they want.’

Seems like the magnet is the most important apex predator of them all…

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