Researchers may perhaps have uncovered what dinosaur DNA appeared like

The Earth has preserved dinosaur bones for hundreds of thousands of a long time, but DNA breaks down considerably a lot quicker. Thankfully, experts have labored out a way to forecast what dinosaur DNA may perhaps have appeared like.

Making use of DNA from fashionable-working day turtles and birds — prolonged-shed kin of our historical ‘terrible lizard’ good friends — scientists at the College of Kent, in the United kingdom, were able to piece together a record of DNA that dates again some 255 million a long time.

We know there had been dinosaurs with spiky tails, dinosaurs with really prolonged necks and dinosaurs that crushed the bones of prey in their tooth. We do not see these attributes in birds frequently (nevertheless that would be neat), so one particular may well hope that the way their DNA is organized would be wildly diverse.


Not the circumstance.

Regardless of the variation, the study workforce at Kent imagine that dinosaur DNA has been hugely steady all over record. Their success, revealed in Nature Communications in May possibly, implies that the birds you see nowadays have extremely very similar DNA to their historical kin, the dinosaurs.

The workforce also speculate that the way in which DNA was organised may perhaps have ‘provided a blueprint for evolutionary success’ mainly because it is capable to create variation and so aid purely natural range — which retains animals alive. It may perhaps also be why we see so considerably variation in fashionable-working day birds.

In what will probably arrive as poor information to lots of, Professor Darren Griffin, who participated in the review, cannot see the study major to any theropod-based mostly topic parks.

‘We are not heading to have Jurassic Park at any time shortly,’ Griffin told the BBC, conveying that you cannot just place the DNA of a dinosaur into a distant relative’s egg and hope you get a dinosaur out the other close.

I believe we can believe in you, Professor Griffin, but you will find one thing in the again of my brain telling me that everyday living, uh… finds a way.


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